Is a professional carpet cleaner worth it?


Unlike most millennials these days, I’m a fan a carpet. I love how cozy it makes my room feel. I wouldn’t have it all over my house, but there is a place for it in my room. I lay on it, my pets lay on it, and it feels a whole lot better than cold wood or tile during the winter.

But with so much time spent on the carpet, it gets dirty.

Like other millennials, most of my adult life up to this point I’ve been short on cash on slightly longer on time. So my natural inclination is to do certain tasks myself. One of those tasks is cleaning. I actually like doing the housework and will happily vacuum my carpets regularly. But even still, dirt builds up, and it’s been over a year now and I still haven’t had a deep cleaning!

Naturally my instinct is to do it myself, so I’m searching all over the web trying to find the best way to do it. I’ve already most likely undervalued my time by reading all kinds of articles, just like you’re doing now. To save you some time, my TLDR is that hiring a professional carpet cleaner is totally worth it. It’s not that expensive, and it’ll save you the time of learning how to do it right as well as all the time spent actually cleaning.

Plus, professionals use specialized carpet cleaning equipment that you probably don’t have access too or would have to rent anyway.

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